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Auto Insurance in Texas

How Well Do You Know Your Auto Insurance Policy?

Do you know your current liability limits? Do you know the meanings of your liability limits? When is the last time you spoke with your agent? These are three questions we ask all our new clients and we are typically shocked at some of the answers we receive. In recent years, auto insurance has been turned into a very transactional purchase with little to no consultation. However, at JSI & Associates in Porter, TX, we are committed to bringing back the value an agent can provide to the customer; because without value, price is the only consideration. And although we may be able to meet or beat any price requested by the client, our focus still remains on the product, coverage and filling the specific insurance needs of our customers in Texas. Want to get the best price? Make sure to ask about our home and auto insurance bundle packages! Contact by visiting the JSI & Associates office in Porter, TX or give us a call at 281.354.2101