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Flood Insurance in Texas

EVERYONE IS IN A FLOOD PLAIN. That’s correct, everyone. Some are in a high-risk flood plain and others are in a low risk flood plain. No matter which one you live in, flood insurance should be considered. If you are in a high-risk flood plain, the lender may even require you to purchase this important coverage. A lot of people don’t realize flood insurance is different than homeowner’s insurance. Your homeowner’s insurance does NOT cover flood and needs to be something discussed with your JSI & Associates agent in Porter, TX. We can run a flood plain quote for free to let you know which zone you are in. If you know Texas weather, you know how essential this coverage can be. Just in the last two years you could reference the Houston Tax Day Floods of 2016 or even more recent you can reference Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey from August 2017. Contact our office in Porter, TX to speak with an agent from JSI & Associates and get a quote.