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Your Guide to Choosing Recreation Insurance

Recreational insurance isn’t always well understood by many people. That’s why we at JSI & Associates created this simple guide for Porter, TX residents. Understanding this unique facet will provide you with a better understanding of your options here for your recreational vehicle’s needs.

What Recreational Insurance Covers 

Recreation insurance is designed to cover a variety of vehicles used primarily for recreational purposes. For example, vehicles like RVs, campers, motorhomes, and much more are all covered. Typically it offers two different levels: liability and property coverage. 

Liability protection protects you if you get into a lawsuit due to problems caused by accidents or injuries due to your vehicle. Property coverage will cover any property damage that your vehicle may cause, such as if you hit somebody’s vehicle with your motorhome.

Can It Cover Full-Time Living? 

Many people may live in a motorhome or camper full-time. For example, many retirees purchase a large motorhome and live out of it so that they can travel the world. Others may do the same thing with a camper and move from different places throughout the years, even if only temporarily. 

You’ll need a specialized policy known as full-time insurance to get protection. This policy works a lot like a home owner’s insurance. Talk to your insurance provider to learn more about whether this option is right for you and which policy is useful for your needs as an owner. 

Let Us Help You Protect Your Investment 

Do you think you want recreational insurance but aren’t sure where to turn? Contact us at JSI & Associates to learn more. Our team can help Porter, TX residents or those in the area find a policy that makes sense for their needs. In this way, we can minimize your investment needs.