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Safety Tips for Boat Owners in Porter, TX

Owning a boat in Porter, TX is an exciting way to spend time with family and friends, but there is also a fair amount of risk associated with boat ownership. Just like any other large investment, owning a boat requires certain knowledge and safety skills in order to protect yourself and any guests you may be hosting on your vessel. 

Most importantly, for the protection of both physical property and to ensure your financial security, we highly recommend boat insurance. Whether you’re out on the water every weekend, or you use your boat a few times a summer, maintaining full coverage for your boat is essential.

Although boat insurance isn’t required in the state of Texas, JSI & Associates highly recommend a boat insurance policy to protect your investment in the event of damage or disaster. This extends past while you are using the boat — many policies can also protect a boat while it’s being stored or parked somewhere during off-season months. You can’t control the weather and if you live in Texas, you know it can be unpredictable, so having coverage all year long is also an ideal choice for boat owners. 

A few other safety tips we recommend for boat owners in Porter, TX include:

  • Taking a boating course to ensure you are well-versed in all rules and policies of boating in Texas
  • Monitor the weather patterns if you intend on taking your boat out 
  • Ensure every guest has a life jacket onboard

All boat owners in Porter, TX should be aware of the importance of protecting their investment. If you are looking for a boat insurance policy, contact JSI & Associates for the coverage that fits your needs today. 

Do I Need Boat Insurance throughout the year?

If you are a boat owner in Porter, TX, you may be asking whether you need boat insurance all year round. While you may get the urge to cancel your boat insurance when not using it, JSI & Associates advises against this move. Here are the reasons you need to carry your boat insurance throughout the year. 

It may be required

While watercraft insurance isn’t mandatory as per Texas law, you may be required to maintain one throughout if your boat is financed through a loan. Lenders require boat insurance to safeguard their financial interest since many boat owners don’t have the cash to compensate the lenders when something happens to the boat. However, whether boat insurance is required or not, it’s a wise choice to consider this investment.

Risks exist outside the water.

Yes, you are not likely to have boating accidents since you aren’t using your boat, but your boat isn’t 100 percent safe even when parked. Unforeseen risks like vandalism, theft, fire, falling objects, and other perils are still large even when you are not in the water. 

Mother Nature doesn’t have an off-season.

While you may not be using your boat, risks like hail, windstorms, lightning, and other natural calamities can still strike even when your boat is in storage. Since your boat costs thousands of dollars, it’s a good idea to incur a little more on boat insurance to safeguard your costly investment.

It saves you money

If you cancel your boat insurance during winter, only to renew in summer, this trend can be expensive in the long run. Here is the reason. Most insurance companies reward their customers who maintain their insurance all through by reducing their deductibles each claim-free year. Additionally, you are likely to get loyalty discounts if you keep your boat insurance all year round.

Boat insurance in Texas

If you had canceled your boat insurance, it’s time to start it up again. Whether renewing or shopping for new boat insurance, please contact JSI & Associates for a competitive quote.

What does boat insurance cover?

Nothing speaks of prestige and accomplishment like your boat in Porter, TX. It would be best if you had the right insurance plan to protect your beloved possession. The agents at JSI & Associates can help you understand what boat insurance covers. 

What does boat insurance cover?

Boat insurance pays for physical and liability damages. Of course, the degree of coverage you receive largely depends on your monthly premium payments. Those who pay more may have a firmer safety net than policyholders who pay less per month in the hope of saving money. 

Liability coverage is the bare minimum that every boat owner should consider in Porter, TX. This type of coverage pays if your boat causes harm to others or damages property. A good liability insurance plan pays for incidents on the water and while the boat is docked. 

What does physical damage cover?

Physical damage pays for incidents involving common risks. Sinking, fire, and boats destroyed by storm are three of many common risks covered by physical damage stipulations. 

The best insurance plans pay for the vessel’s components like the motor, fuel tank, and batteries. Some physical damage plans also provide a financial covering for onboard safety equipment. 

How much boat insurance do you need?

The amount of boat insurance you need largely depends on how much you are willing to spend in monthly premium payments. How much insurance to buy is also dependent on your overall lifestyle preferences. 

The agents at JSI & Associates can help you craft an indemnity plan that fully covers your boat. They will listen to your preferences and make suggestions based on their expertise. Call JSI & Associates today to get started with a quote for boat insurance. 

Boat Insurance Coverage Options

While boat insurance is not a requirement in Texas, it is a good idea to have a policy in place to protect the investment of time and money you have put into your boat. Many people are under the impression that their homeowner’s insurance will cover their boat, especially if it is damaged while parked on their property, which is not the case more often than not. It is best to have a separate policy for your boat to cover it in the water and on land.

Boat insurance will provide coverage for most boats, from small fishing boats to yachts and pontoons. It will cover not only the boat itself but its engine, trailer, and even your personal items that are on the boat, depending on the type of coverage you choose.

Here are some boat coverage options you may want to consider:

Collision Damage and Liability Insurance

If you are driving your boat and it collides with another ship or an object, such as an incident in which you hit a dock, the part of your policy will pay to repair or replace your boat and cover the property damage you caused. It will also cover any injuries caused by an accident deemed to be your fault. These types of coverage options can also be obtained separately and are referred to as bodily injury liability and property damage liability.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage will cover your boat if it is damaged by a fire, natural disaster, or vandalism and also if it is stolen.

Additional Coverage Options

You can also add-on other types of coverage options to your boat insurance policy, such as roadside assistance, personal property protection, and uninsured coverage.

To learn about the best Boat Insurance Coverage Options for you and your situation, please contact the experienced and trusted boat insurance agents at JSI & Associates in Porter, TX.

Does boat insurance cover for both recreation and commercial activities?

Texans enjoy the adventure of boats, but just like cars, boats come with risks. If you are a boat enthusiast in the Porter, TX area, JSI & Associates recommends buying watercraft/boat insurance to help you stay covered. Since boats can be used for both recreation and commercial activities, it is essential to understand the insurance part of it.

Can boat insurance cover my recreational and commercial activities?

The simple answer to that question is no–boat insurance cannot cover commercial and recreational activities in the same coverage. In most cases, your insurance provider will require you to purchase both commercial and boat insurance. 

Why boat insurance cannot cover commercial activities

Commercial insurance is critical, especially if you are earning money through fishing or ferrying people. You will need to have a specific enterprise or income-generating activity that will be filed by your insurer. That means that you will need to be quite specific about what you want to do in order to receive the best coverage. An insurance professional at JSI & Associates can help you determine what policy is best for your needs.
You also need to understand that working and playing are two different things. Both choices have unique risks. For instance, recreational activities may involve having fun in the water, which poses even riskier situations to the participants. If you are ferrying people and earning from that, you may need to carry insurance as a form of protection for your boaters.

Why boat insurance is important 

While boat insurance is not mandatory in most states, it is a critical coverage for the boating enthusiast. Insurance varies based on the size, value, and type of watercraft. These factors determine the amount of coverage you will need. Small boats, particularly those that do not use engines, can be covered under home insurance.

Feel free to visit JSI & Associates in Porter, TX for all your insurance needs!