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Safety and Anti-theft Features of Recreational Vehicles and Their Insurance Coverage

Most RVs combine living space and mobility. Therefore, they typically need a separate policy from your home or auto insurance, although bundling can provide decent discounts. Additionally, you can mitigate potentially high insurance rates by purchasing an RV with the proper safety and anti-theft features. Class A, B, C, and the towable RVs pose different risk levels, so consult with our Porter, TX agents at JSI & Associates before you purchase.

We can guide you regarding which safety and anti-theft features to look for before accepting the delivery of your chosen RV.

RV Safety and Anti-Theft Features

Each living space in your motor home needs a smoke detector. Smaller models may only have one, but the larger Class A motor homes need extinguishers in the cabin, kitchen area, and separated bedrooms. Additionally, position fire extinguishers beside exits and have one or more carbon monoxide detectors if you run the heat or AC while parked, 


Backing cameras avert rear-end collisions with stationary objects while entering and exiting driveways, parking lots, and campsites. Moreover, driver and passenger-side front-mounted cameras at car-bumper level prevent running over kids, toys, and pets and provide proof that you maintained a safe driving distance ahead.


Besides enabling rescue crews to find you, a GPS makes it harder for thieves to hide. The best systems allow authorities to disable the vehicle while locking the thieves inside.

Sway Bars and Weight Distribution Hitches

Excessive trailer sway, or side-to-side body roll, causes loss of control, rollover, or jackknifing. Sway bars prevent fishtailing while weight distribution hitches reduce driver exhaustion. The $300 to $700 average price of a sway bar seems minuscule compared to the replacement cost of your RV.

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