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Confused About Home Insurance? Here’s What to Understand

Home insurance doesn’t have to be a confusing or frustrating experience if you know how to approach it properly. In fact, many people have wonderful experiences with their insurance. Here’s what we at JSI & Associates can tell Porter, TX residents like you about insurance confusion.

What Does Home Insurance Do?

Home insurance can protect you against the dangers of property and liability risks. It includes many different policy types, each of which will cover different elements of your home. Homeowners are legally required to have a minimal policy, but many get more advanced options. 

Does My Mortgage Lender Have Anything to Do With My Policy? 

Your mortgage lender cannot force you to buy a specific policy from a specific vendor. They do provide you with the money for your home and ask for insurance. But you can get whatever policy you want, and you can select whatever insurance makes the most sense for you. 

What Does My Policy Cover? 

Here’s where most homeowners get confused when buying a policy. What exactly is covered? Well, things like fire, windstorms, lightning, hail, aircraft, vehicles, explosions, theft, and vandalism are all covered. Things that you do to the home on purpose are not. 

Why is My Home Value Less Than I Thought?

You may have bought a home at a specific value and hoped your insurance would cover it at that level. However, your home’s value can decrease or increase with time due to market pressures. Your policy may need to be changed to reflect that fact to ensure that you’re safe. 

Get the Coverage You Need 

Call us today at JSI & Associates if you’re buying home insurance and you aren’t sure what to expect. Our team can help Porter, TX residents and those in the surrounding area identify their different needs and create a comprehensive insurance package.