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Is Recreational Insurance Required in Porter?

Having a recreational vehicle can be a ticket to fun weekends and wild nights. But it can also open you up to dangers that you might not have yet considered. Recreational insurance can be tricky in Porter, TX because it’s not always easy to discern exactly how something like an off-road vehicle will be covered. We’ll look at whether you need this coverage and why it pays to have the right policy. 

Use of the Vehicle 

Usually, you don’t have to have specific coverage for your vehicle if you’re not taking it out on any public highways. In this case, it would most likely be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. If you have a renter’s policy, you’ll need to check the terms. 

JSI & Associates has been in the insurance industry for a long time, and our staff knows that policy coverage can vary widely, though. Hence, it helps to know just how much consideration you’ll get if something happens to your property. And if you do happen to take your vehicle out on public roads, if only a few times a year, you need the right policy. 

Coverage Levels 

Regardless of how much your vehicle actually was, your insurance coverage is designed to protect you from so much more than that. Medical bills, lawsuits, property damage: the list of potential consequences can go on and on. Having a specifically designed plan for accidents and collisions can be exactly what you need to keep yourself out of hot water in Porter, TX. 

If you want to learn more about having the right coverage, JSI & Associates is here to give you the facts about whether you need coverage and what type of coverage you need. Give us a call today to find out more.