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Boat Insurance Coverage Options

While boat insurance is not a requirement in Texas, it is a good idea to have a policy in place to protect the investment of time and money you have put into your boat. Many people are under the impression that their homeowner’s insurance will cover their boat, especially if it is damaged while parked on their property, which is not the case more often than not. It is best to have a separate policy for your boat to cover it in the water and on land.

Boat insurance will provide coverage for most boats, from small fishing boats to yachts and pontoons. It will cover not only the boat itself but its engine, trailer, and even your personal items that are on the boat, depending on the type of coverage you choose.

Here are some boat coverage options you may want to consider:

Collision Damage and Liability Insurance

If you are driving your boat and it collides with another ship or an object, such as an incident in which you hit a dock, the part of your policy will pay to repair or replace your boat and cover the property damage you caused. It will also cover any injuries caused by an accident deemed to be your fault. These types of coverage options can also be obtained separately and are referred to as bodily injury liability and property damage liability.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage will cover your boat if it is damaged by a fire, natural disaster, or vandalism and also if it is stolen.

Additional Coverage Options

You can also add-on other types of coverage options to your boat insurance policy, such as roadside assistance, personal property protection, and uninsured coverage.

To learn about the best Boat Insurance Coverage Options for you and your situation, please contact the experienced and trusted boat insurance agents at JSI & Associates in Porter, TX.