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How much home insurance do i need to adequately cover my home?

If you are living in Porter, TX, you are probably wondering how you can adequately cover your home. A home is a substantial financial investment that sometimes takes an entire lifetime to repay in the form of mortgages. Ensuring that your home is fully covered to mitigate loss through any type of financial liability is essential. Keeping essential assets safe in your home is also crucial. We at JSI & Associates will walk with you in ensuring that your home is fully covered. Here are a few things you need to know:

What is home insurance?

This is a policy that covers you against any financial obligation in case your home is affected by natural disasters, accidents, or theft. A standard home insurance policy covers the structure of the building and the contents in case of a disaster such as a fire. This policy also covers legal liability in the form of lawsuits arising from any injuries or other people’s property damage. 

How to ensure your home is fully covered

Read the contents of the policy document

It is essential that you read the policy document before signing. It is crucial to know that the amount you are paying in terms of a premium does not necessarily mean that everything in your home is covered. Discuss carefully with our agents at JSI & Associates about the various essential items in your home to have them covered.

Additional living expense coverage

Where the home insurance policy does not cover certain items, consider buying additional living expense coverage. In cases where you are living far away from your home, depreciation is likely to occur if it is not kept up with regularly. The additional living expense coverage will cater for the extra cost to renovate your home back to order.

Please visit us or give us a call when you are in Porter, TX for more information on a home insurance policy.